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Producing Recombinant Proteins

Boehringer Ingelheim has a long tradition in producing recombinant proteins. The genetic information for the protein is isolated from a human source and transferred into another species which produces the human protein as a consequence.


Protein crystals

Methods like cloning, expression, purification and analysis are used for that process. Determination of structure and function of disease relevant proteins is another important task. Protein chemistry uses bacteria, yeast, insect- and mammalian cell expression systems for that purpose. Modern medium- and highpressure-chromatographysystems are used for purification, which allow production of a few nanograms up to several grams of highly purified proteins.

Highly sensitive methods like sequence analysis, mass spectroscopy, electrophoresis, surface plasmon resonance and immunological assays (ELISA) are employed in analyzing proteins. Furthermore, protein crystals are generated to determine interactions between chemical substances and proteins by x-ray cristallography.